Pain is (eventual) gain . Many of the qualities that make people great have great pains which come along with it. Always . With 26075 published works over his lifetime Picasso averaged 1 new piece of artwork every day of his life from age 20 until his death at age 91. He created something new every day for 71 years . Picassos singular focus on art meant that everything else in life had to take a back seat including his relationships and his children. His romantic life was a revolving door of affairs and infidelity having over 8 relationships . Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all-time.He also has serious anger management issues. In the space of 7 years he was charged with 2 counts of domestic violence and 4 counts of misdemeanor battery – not to mention the reported charges that were later dropped . Success is complicated. We love to praise people for becoming famous for winning championships and for making tons of money but we rarely discuss the costs of success . People often talk about the success they aspire to in life but he most important question is not What kind of success do I want? but rather What kind of pain am I ready to take? And it's a tough one to answer . Do you want to shadow that comes with success? Do you want the baggage that comes with the bounty? What kind of pain are you willing to bear in the name of achieving what you want to achieve? Answering this question honestly often leads to more insight about what you really care about than thinking of your dreams and aspirations . Do you want to spend two extra hours at work each day rather than with your kids? Do you want to put your career ahead of your marriage? Do you want to wake up early and go to the gym when you feel like sleeping in? Stop & think . The things that make people great in one area often make them miserable in others . Ask yourself: how much pain am I willing to tolerate in order to achieve the success I want?

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