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hectocotyli-everywhere: palaeontology-official: calibornsbottomboo: dduane: curlicuecal: curlicuecal: curlicuecal: curlicuecal: curlicuecal: curlicuecal: via my mom Im deeply betrayed that she wouldnt keep reading long enough to send me more quotes. I was curious if Amazon Kindle carried this book but in the process I found out that David Unfreds stab at the subject has a WAY better cover All flesh included dinosaur flesh meaning that by this time even dinosaurs had been corrupted. NOT THE DINOSAURS Paleontologists makes careers out of inventing species names but there were really only about 60 different basic dinosaur kinds. this just makes me think of that hogwarts spoof that goes as we all know there are only four kinds of kids: brave smart evil and miscellaneous. A rapid overview of some more highlights because I really need to stop reading this book before I hurt myself on it: These creatures went extinct as far as is known. why do I get the feeling this is leading somewhere AMAZING discussion of which part of the holy trinity is responsible for which part of the dinosaur gotcha statement about circular logic setting up the entire books premise starts with Isnt it true that No. No it isnt. series of frequently asked questions about how the dinosaurs could have been on the ark fails to ask any of the questions I have right now FAQ includes discussion of Noahs T-Rex-wrangling skills and the phrase Noah could have fed the dinosaurs vegeterian diets worth it. Some dinosaurs laid eggs. Maybe they all did. this is the kind of gripping material I look to an educational book to provide a novel argument: plants cant die because they dont have nostrils dragons went extinct in China sometime after Marco Polo visited I cant believe I am actually reading this sentence in an actual book what a great day this chapter is titled How to Examine Evidence im dying fossils are apparently not as informative and unbiased as reliable eyewitness accounts [of dinosaurs] more on this revelation as it progresses now we are pondering why nothing ever fossilizes anymorea bold question that boldly bears no particular relationship to reality Whereas the Flood offers a reasonable scenario for large-dinosaur fossil tracks secular scientists still need to explain them. I just texted my mom provide an explanation for dinosaur tracks. Is a behemoth a hippo or a dinosaur? Discuss for at least 8 pages. Is a leviathan a crocodile or a fire-breathing aquatic dinosaur? Discuss for 4 more pages. Is a wait. Are you just naming things you see and saying that theyre dinosaurs? Observation 1: a lot of people killed by serpents. Observation 2: but rattlesnakes are easy to dodge. Conclusion: Dinosaurs. Apparently care must be taken not to confuse dinosaurs with angels. Belon knew how to draw a snake showing that he could distinguish between flying and crawling reptiles. good for Belon! interesting argument for the death and resurrection of Jonas inside a fire-breathing sea wolf which was a type of dinosaur If armadillos have gone extinct in Turkey within human memory then why not flying reptiles from other regions? I just texted my mom explain the armadillo extinction. The last chapter of this book is titled Two Questions About Dinosaurs and the Bible and frankly I have a lot more than two questions about this book. (Starting with oh my god why did I just sit and read the whole thing what is my life?) (ROARING WITH LAUGHTER) God I needed that. 🙂 @littenette @palaeofail-explained Creationists ISTG